The Best of ABM: Resources for 2018 Planning

Momentum ITSMA Staff

December 21, 2017

We’ve spent a lot of 2017 looking into the practicalities of moving to a blended approach, and have a wealth of ABM resources to guide your thinking and planning as you move in that direction.

The Best of ABM: Resources for 2018 Planning

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The acceleration of account-based marketing (ABM) was clearly one of the top stories in B2B marketing this past year, with no signs of a slowdown in 2018. What is beginning to change, however, is the strategic focus on how best to design and implement ABM programs.

Most companies are still early in ABM development, and they have begun with one of two approaches:

  • Highly-customized One-to-One programs with a small number of existing key accounts, or
  • Segmented and lightly personalized One-to-Many programs focused on new logo acquisition with a broad set of targeted prospect accounts.

Both approaches have great value, and marketers are succeeding with both, but relatively few firms are yet moving forward with a blended approach to incorporate breadth and depth across multiple tiers.

Accelerating ABM Impact: The Case for a Blended Approach (ebook)
This ebook, jointly produced by ITSMA and Demandbase, is designed to help marketers to pull together the different strands of ABM and make the case for a blended approach. The ebook explains the three main types of ABM that companies are implementing today, why they all have their place in an integrated strategy, and how best to utilize them to provide both breadth and depth with marketing coverage of your most important clients and prospects.

Driving Growth with Three Types of ABM: How Companies are Leveraging ABM for Maximum Business Impact (Research Report)
This report provides an essential review of the current state of play with ABM in 2017, with data and insight on such issues as budgets and staffing, account selection, collaboration with sales, tools and technology, campaign tactics, programmatic challenges, and business benefits.

Optimizing ABM Impact: Planning for 2018 and Beyond (Forum replay)
ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance brought together a stellar group of experts and practitioners in September 2017 to explore new approaches and lessons learned for optimizing and expanding ABM programs in 2018. This on-demand replay includes benchmark research, insight, case studies, and lessons learned from experts and program leaders including SAP, Microsoft, CA Technologies, Teradata, Brightcove, MongoDB, and Splash.

Lessons from ABM Leaders: Juniper, Microsoft, and Teradata (Viewpoint)
This Viewpoint highlights practical experience and lessons learned from ABM leaders at Juniper Networks, Microsoft, and Teradata, including discussion of getting started, aligning with sales, developing the right teams, integrating tools and technology, and planning for additional success.

ABM for Key Accounts: Moving “Up” from a One-to-Many Approach (Webcast and Slides)
This ITSMA webcast explores why companies that have implemented a One-to-Many ABM program should consider adding more customized One-to-One and One-to-Few approaches as well, and how best to move to a more blended approach.

The Three R’s of ABM (Infographic)
Our Infographic highlights why it’s so important for ABM-ers to take a broad-based strategic view of ABM objectives, shows the numbers from our new study, and suggests metrics to consider in each area.

Scaling ABM Without Losing the Magic (Webcast and Slides)
The magic of ABM happens when marketers dig deep into individual accounts and craft creative propositions and programs for specific stakeholders within each account. This webcast with ITSMA and MomentumABM explores the approaches companies are taking to bring the magic to dozens or even hundreds of accounts without sacrificing the customer-centric principles of One-to-One ABM.

Collaborative ABM: Innovating with Key Accounts to Drive Strategic Growth (Webcast and Slides)
This webcast explores the why, what, and how of a collaborative ABM approach that drives innovation, growth, loyalty, and advocacy with key accounts. The session features a deep dive into Juniper Network’s award-winning ABM program with Jack Barrett, Juniper’s senior director of strategic marketing, as well as examples from other companies including Accenture, Cisco, Deloitte, and Fujitsu.

ABM for Critical Clusters: Driving Growth with a One-to-Few Approach (Webcast and Slides)
This webcast explores the why, what, and how of a One-to-Few, ABM Lite approach with data and examples from the field, as well as an overview of how to apply ITSMA’s seven-step account-based marketing methodology to critical clusters of similar accounts.

And one more, too: If you haven’t yet purchased ITSMA’s definitive book on ABM, A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing: Accelerating Growth in Strategic Accounts, we’re happy to offer Strategist readers a 20% discount. It’s another great resource to help build your program and your own career as an ABM-er. Use promo code: FMKABM20 to apply the discount.

As documented in our August benchmark study and report with the ABM Leadership Alliance, Driving Growth with Three Types of ABM, a majority of ABM-ers are looking toward a blended approach as they scale their programs.

As we look into 2018, the move to a more blended ABM strategy is therefore likely to be one of the most important trends.

Here at ITSMA, we’ve spent a lot of 2017 looking into the practicalities of moving to a blended approach, and have a wealth of ABM resources to guide your thinking and planning as you move in that direction. As you dig into your own strategy and planning for 2018, the following reports, webcasts, and viewpoints should provide a wealth of relevant data, insight, and ideas.